Mental Health - Free Couples and Relationships Support Line (Accord NI)

COVID-19 has changed every aspect of family life - all of our familiar ways of living have had to be adjusted.

You may have had to self-isolate due to the virus; you may be finding it difficult to get space for yourself within the confines of the family home; you may be trying to combine working from home with efforts to provide a home-schooling environment; or it may be that the fear and stress caused by these exceptional circumstances are causing high levels of concern and anxiety. Whatever impact the spread of COVID-19 has had on the quality of your couple and family relationships - we are here to provide information and support.


As one of the largest providers of couples and relationships counselling in N. Ireland our experienced, professional, couples and relationships counsellors have made themselves available to listen to your concerns.


We have established a Relationships Support Line 028 9568 0151 offering support to those who are trying to reduce distress within their personal relationships at this time. We are also using our Facebook page Accord Catholic Marriage Care Service and to provide links to material designed to increase understanding of, and support for handling challenging couples and relationships situations.


From March-April 2021 - the councelling service will be available via zoom with plans to return to a face to face service when it is safe to do so.


028 9568 0151 - 9.00 am - 8.00 pm, Monday to Friday