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Mental health - Helplines Network Northern Ireland

This network provides details of free phone helplines you can call for information, advice and support - phonelines have been added in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


A leaflet detailing the organisations and their contact details is available here (last updated in 2020)



The Helplines NI website has been updated to include details of UK and NI helplines that have been setup in response to coronavirus. To date, over 20 new helplines covering a range of topics (e.g. community helpline, befriending, government grants, pregnancy) have been established specifically in response to coronavirus.

The Helplines Network NI consists of over 26 members operating across Northern Ireland who provide a variety of support services including, information, advice, counselling and befriending. Many of the services take place over the phone, via email, text and in some cases, with live web-chat. The Helplines are run by public, voluntary and community organisations to listen, support and inform.


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