Scammers and Cold Callers - Be On Your Guard, Be Informed (COVID - 19)

The UMatter Team

Despite the current situaton with COVID-19 there has been a reported increase in scams and cold callers across the UK including in Northern Ireland.


Be alert to scammers or cold callers who may be using this difficult time to take advantage of people. For further information and advice on protecting yourself and loved ones visit:


  • The National Trading Standards have developed an online awareness session Friends Against Scams  which can be completed in 20 minutes.

    This free session raises awareness of scams and what people can do to protect themselves and their loved ones from falling victim to this crime type. People living in circumstances that make them vulnerable are more likely to fall victim to scams (recent bereavement, cognitive decline etc.). 
    Chapter 1:   Why is learning about scams important?
    Chapter 2:   Types of Scams
    Chapter 3:   How to spot a victim...
    Chapter 4:   Anyone can be a scam victim...
    Chapter 5:   Spot the signs
    Chapter 6:   Top Tips - what can you do to protect yourself and/or others?
    Chapter 7:   Reporting a Scam
    Chapter 8:   Congratulations - You are now a Friend Against Scams
    Chapter 9:   If you would like to do more...
  • For advice on Shopping Safely Online click Here
  • Visit the PSNI website for advice and information - click Here
Scamwise NI Partnership 
  • The Northern Ireland Scamwise Partnersip is available Here