Recipe of the Month - April - Have an Egg-cellent Easter!

Nina Daly

April 2021 - Have an egg-cellent Easter!

Food plays a big part in Easter celebrations, even more so as Easter Sunday marks the end of Lent. There is no reason why you can't enjoy some treats over Easter, but it can be easy to overdo it with all the chocolate on offer. Here are some helpful tips on how to enjoy the Easter break without overindulging.


Easter eggs

  • Avoid grazing on chocolate all day
  • Take time to enjoy your Easter eggs – remember they don’t all have to be eaten at once
  • Keep an eye on your portion sizes - opt for mini versions or why not share your egg
  • Why not go for dark chocolate. You may find the strong flavour will mean you eat less

With the shops full of the chocolate variety at this time of year, it can be easy to forget about real eggs, which provide nutrients including zinc, selenium, vitamin D and protein.


Tips to keep active

  • Make the most of the Spring weather and go for a long walk or bike ride
  • Create an Easter egg hunt in the garden using stickers or toys rather than chocolate
  • Egg-and-spoon race for children, which will get them active and out in the fresh air


Got some leftovers from Easter Sunday roast? Make the most of your leftover lamb with this flavour-packed ‘Leftover lamb curry’. Or why not try our ‘Easter bunny pancakes’ as a fun and healthy breakfast treat for all the family. Fancy something more traditional? Our simple ‘Hot Cross Bun’ recipe is delicious.

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