International Men’s Day - 19th November 2020 (Focusing on Men's Health)

The UMatter Team

Health and mental wellbeing issues can affect all of us, but it’s widely acknoweldged that men are less likely to seek help when they need it. This year more than ever, it’s important to reach out, to start a conversation and seek help if we need to...and let others know it’s OK to do the same.

International Men’s Day takes place each year on the 19th November, highlighting postive male role models and raising awareness of men’s wellbeing; while the Movember campaign continues to highlight male mental health issues, as well as prostate and testicular cancers

You can find out more on each here: / or use the Men's Health Toolkit developed by the Trust here


Details of this year's World Suicide Prevention Day including local mental health supports and suicide awareness training are available here

Prostate Resources

PDF icon prostate-cancer-uk-awareness-talk- 2018-full-length (Frank McNally).pdf

PDF icon know_your_prostate-ifm.pdf

PDF icon Know your risk infographic.pdf

PDF icon understanding_the_psa_test-ifm.pdf