THE COVID-19 WELLBEING SURVEY Time 2 results are now available!

The UMatter Team

Many health and social care organisations in Northern Ireland have been cooperating on a study that seeks to find out how staff are doing and what supports are helpful and what would be helpful during this pandemic. The Northern Health and Social Care Trust is part of this cooperation.  Time 2 of the survey ran from February 8th-28th 2021. The findings from this second phase of the survey can be viewed in this Report here  


The survey results are available in the ‘COVID-19 Wellbeing Survey Time One report on the Impact Research Centre website: (time 1)


We are very grateful to everyone who took part in Time 1 and/or Time 2 of the survey.  The responses you provided have enabled us to make a number of recommendations to health and social care organisations in Northern Ireland regarding how best to support staff during the COVID-19 pandemic; these recommendations are detailed in the report on the Impact Research Centre website.


The survey will also run on a further two occasions which will occur after HSCNI staff have had an opportunity to get vaccinated against COVID-19 (May, and August 2021). This will allow us to track the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on staff over time.


The next time point of the survey (Time 3) will launch on 10th May 2021 and will be open to all health and social care staff in Northern Ireland.  You will still be able take part in Time 3 of the survey even if you did not take part at Times 1 or 2.  We will be in touch again in May with details on how you can take part at Time 3.