Be Active ! Move More, Sit Less - Being active with the family

Ruth Marsh

Being active with the family

We each need to identify ways to make physical activity part of our day, now more than ever, with the added constraint of maintaining social distancing.

Let’s try to get the kids and young people outside and away from devices and sitting. We want to try to minimise time spent sitting for the whole family by breaking up sitting time, where possible.

Some ideas on how we might try to get around the current challenges:

  • Go to the local park or any green space area to walk or play
  • Go for a walk around your local neighborhood/street.
  • Think about games we used to pay as children, hop scotch, skipping, tag, jumping games. Play is so important it builds imagination and creativity.
  • Ask your child to show you a sports skill which they have picked up in PE.
  • Grab a football, basketball, or even a tennis ball, try to be creative on how you use it – kicking, throwing, bouncing etc.
  • Get moving at home. There are lots of things to do from active video games to making housework more active.
  • Why not try to GoNoodle, a popular website teacher’s use for integrating physical activity in the classroom


Do remember to keep building in physical activity into both you and your child’s day with the aim of moving the whole body. This will provide physical and mental health benefits as well as increasing fitness, cognitive benefits and strengthening muscles and bones. You can be physically active anywhere from in your own home to out and about in parks. Make the most of the time together and move more, sit less!

Here are some links to help you build in physical activity to you and your child’s day:

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