COVID-19 Mental Health
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Embrace the Arts - Use Your Time Productively and Positively - Free Reading Materials

Visit an Online Art Gallery or Cultural Site

Travel restrictions are in place at the moment for many countries but we can still improve our minds and take in the beauty of the world around us. Art and culture are great places to start.

Google has created a library of online art museums and cultural sites from all over the world that you can visit from the comfort of your home. To learn more click Here


Great British Home Chorus

Gareth Malone (Choir Master who developed the Military Wives Choir) is launching a digital music project to allow people to sing together while they are social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak. For more information #greatbritishhomechorus


Bullet Journal

Why not start a bullet journal and use your time productively to get creative and organised. For more information click Here


Local libraries and free reading materials

Although public libraries across NI have closed from 5:00pm on Friday 20 March 2020 until further notice - you can still access some library services digitally.

Many books can also be borrowed as e-books and downloaded directly to your device - download the Free Libby App from the App Store (link is external). If it's been years since you used your local library why not see what they have to offer. Click on the image below to learn more from the Libraries NI webpage. (click Here)

To access ebooks and audio books - follow these instructions

To access over 250 Free Magazines - follow these instructions.

Other sources of reading materials



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