COVID-19 Information for staff
Domestic Abuse

Women's Aid - Services in SHSCT During COVID-19, Advice on Safety Planning

While the official advice for members of the public is to Stay at Home, in circumstances of domestic abuse this may not be possible or advisable. Women's AID have provided advice on their services during this time.




The Trust's policy on Domestic Violence provides further information and support for managers and staff who may be affected by domestic violence and gives guidance on how to support staff as well as contact information on services that can help. This policy can be found on the Trust Intranet under Policies and Procedures.


COVID-19 and Domestic Abuse

The Department of Justice published guidance on domestic abuse in light of COVID-19. This is for those who are affected by domestic abuse, setting out the services that are available for help and support. It may also be helpful to those who are concerned about someone else (such as a friend, family member or a neighbour) that may be suffering from domestic abuse. Those affected by domestic abuse are not alone, support is available. Click Here


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