COVID-19 Information for staff
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Health and Wellbeing Support for our Staff (COVID-19)

Staying Informed, Staying Connected - Trust Staff

Staff can keep up to date with information on covid-19 and access additional resources and advice via the Trust's Sharepoint site. 



http://sharepoint/COVID-19/SitePages/Home.aspx (this link will only work for staff when you are using the Trust's IT Network to log on via your laptop, PC or mobile device)



On Umatter you will find lots of useful information and advice to support your physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing as you work through this very challenging time.


Take a look at the articles on the right hand side as these are all aimed at Trust staff eg Staff Psychology Helpline, Inspire Wellbeing Counselling and much more.


Each week we will be adding a dedicated section to Umatter - so far we have covered issues such as:


You can also find health and wellbeing information from the News, Events (virtual), Health Advice and Staff Support sections of Umatter as well as the COVID-19 zones now situated on the homepage:


Do take time during your working day to explore the site as there is lots of useful information and tools available on it. You can also access the site at home on a computer, mobile phone or tablet device. Since the COVID-19 pandemic the Umatter site is now accesible to Trust staff and everyone in the community.  


Staying Connected via Email / New SHSCT Staff App

For staff who have a Trust email address or who have downloaded the new SHSCT Staff App (SHSCT Connect) launched on 12/5/2020 - look out for the weekly Friday Focus message as it will provide you with more detail about what's new on Umatter.


Other Ways To Stay Informed and Connected

Staff health and wellbeing information will also be shared across the Trust's Facebook and Twitter accounts and via the Southern I newsletter. If you haven't already signed up to these social media accounts please consider this. This will enable you to stay connected and you can share and retweet some of our messages with your colleagues, family and friends.

Look out for Southern Trust posts on Twitter and Facebook 

Click on the links below to find further support available for staff

Staff Wellbeing Support - Psychology Support Service

10 Tips to Reduce COVID-19 Anxiety

Reducing Stress During COVID-19: Self-care Advice for Staff

Advice for Teams: Team Wellbeing Check-in Session

Compassionate Care Flow


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