COVID-19 Family Health
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Parents Toolkit During COVID from Child Psychologist

Dr. Bruce Perry, Child Psychologist and trauma expert, has a helpful guide for parents looking for answers. His research on handling stress and staying regulated can inform us as we’re faced with challenges ahead.
Self-regulation involves controlling our own behavior, emotions, and thoughts as we pursue long-term goals. This crucial skill is something parents can help develop in their children, especially during times of uncertainty and stress.


Stress does not have to be a bad thing if we respond in ways that increase our resilience. We can do our best to introduce stress to our children in predictable, moderate, and controllable ways.


Perry has proposed 8 tools for families to use during the Coronavirus pandemic: (read the full article )


1. Structure your day.

2. Have family meals.

3. Limit media.

4. Exercise.

5. Reach out.

6. Help others.

7. Practice good sleep hygiene.

8. Stay positive and future-focused.