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2 February, 2021 - 09:45 to 31 May, 2021 - 20:00

Joy and Connection - with Chude Jideonwo - Action for Happiness Webinar (Available to Watch Anytime)

The UMatter Team

Watch or just listen to this special event with Chude Jideonwo about how to find joy in life, through authentic connection with ourselves and each other.

The video can be watched here

About this Event

How can we support our mental health, deal with our insecurities and find joy, even in tough times?

Chude Jideonwo will explore the power of human connection and how we can help each other through difficult times by sharing our experiences and feelings. Chude will explain how we can heal and build resilience, by creating safe spaces for authentic conversations about our mental and emotional health. When we learn to embrace our insecurities and imperfections, we can live more joyfully.

Chude is on an ambitious mission to transform Sub-Saharan Africa into a (mental, emotional, spiritual) safe, warm space. He is founder of Joy Inc. which supports co-working spaces and walk-in centres for young people dealing with mental health challenges. He is also the host of the hugely popular #WithChude media series across TV, Radio and Podcast, telling stories that strengthen the mind, heart and spirit.

This event took place on 25th February here


About The Speaker

Chude Jideonwo is an inspiring Nigerian lawyer, journalist and media entrepreneur. He is the founder of Joy, Inc., which aims to help people become happier. Chude has extensive experience in media and previously led African media group RED | For Africa, working on national elections and social movements in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Liberia. He is a co-founder of The Future Project, focused on inspiring leadership, building entrepreneurs, and using the media as a tool for social change. He is a Forbes 30 under 30 honouree, an Archbishop Desmond Tutu Fellow, and a World Fellow at Yale University. His writing and work have been featured in the New York Times, Guardian, BBC, CNN, Aljazeera, Huffington Post and Financial Times. He is the author of two books, including ‘Are We The Turning Point Generation?’.

The event was hosted by Dr Mark Williamson from Action for Happiness.